Doug Reynolds - CEO
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Sam Farrow – President - Master Griller
Cell: 920-318-9634
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Sams Grill Club INC
Business Description: It is all about the flavor—Sam and his team has developed a number of revolutionary new grilling and barbecue products for the Outdoor Barbecue Market. Sam has analyzed the Outdoor Barbecue and the Outdoor Grilling Markets for the past 8 years. His products such as the Sams Smoker Pro, The BBQ Cookware Set and several of his recipes have won 7 national awards from 2003 thru 2005. This team has completed four years of product development, market testing, pilot product runs, a pilot sales program with customer interface and feedback. This revolutionary BBQ grilling product line is ready to be launched .nation wide.
It is all about bold gourmet flavors and the equipment (the easy of barbecue) to accomplish it!
Company Background: These Products has been sold on the internet for the past 4 years. For several years Sam traveled the country attending trades shows, fairs and home & garden expos to find out what consumers are seeking in the Outdoor Living Barbecue Market. Sam has benchmarked the competition, did product demonstrations and talked candidly with consumers.
Sam’s flagship product, the Sam’s Smoker Pro is sold in several retail stores, such as one of the largest BBQ grilling stores in Kansas City. Sam has sold over 3000 Sam’s Smoker Pro and has an exceptional customer satisfaction rating. None of Sam’s products have ever been returned. The company, Sam’s Grill Club, Inc has been formed with a team of very talented experienced people for the sole purpose to enter the Outdoor Barbecue Market and bring to the marketplace these new, exciting and revolutionary products.
Several of Sam’s products have been reviewed in nationally published magazines. He has appeared on several television shows and in best selling cookbooks.
Summary of Business Strategy: Sam’s Grill Club Inc will use a number of very innovative marketing strategies and marketing techniques to revolutionize grilling. We are entering the outdoor barbecue and the grilling markets through a number of directed target markets and areas. This approach will greatly reduce risk and move these products into every backyard in America. Our customers have told us that the backyard griller and barbecue guy needs these products to improve there grilling and BBQ experience and the flavor of their food. We can turn you into a gourmet chef in your own backyard!
Capital : We are looking for interested parties willing to help secure investment capital to expand our operation. Feel free to contact us.
National Outdoor Barbecue Accessory Award Winner.  100% Guaranteed!  Works On Any Barbecue Grill