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Smoker pro people


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A+ Scraper-Special-Scrappy

A+ Scraper-Special-Scrappy


Smoker pro people
Sam Smoker BBQ Grilling Master

Who are Sam & Doug - Anyway?

BBQ sam smokerSam Farrow is the President of Sams Grill Club, he is the inventor of a complete Barbecue Product Line and BBQ Grill Smoker -wood fired systems.

The Sam Smoker Pro, Scrappy (scrapie) The Scraper and The Sam's Modular Cookware just to name a few. He has made companies in corporate America millions of dollars with improvements in product design and manufacturing. Sam cooked in a few restaurants as a young man. He decided to go into the U.S. Army for the education benefits and become an engineer thus giving up his cooking career on the grill.

Sam loves to cook on the grill. Sam had become very frustrated about outside grilling, because of the quality of the accessories and the lack of flavor on a gas grill etc. You see Sam loved charcoals grills, the flavor of cooking with real wood. But he hated the inconvenience of the charcoal grill, the taste of the fuel that happens sometimes and the time it takes to burn down the charcoal or real wood chunks to charcoal.

How about the mess in you grill! Sam does like the convenience of the gas grill like all of us, but did not want to give up that flavor, only the mess! There had to be a better mouse tray out there, but there was not. Therefore Sam had no choice but to start inventing products that really do the job.

He researched gourmet cooking techniques and wood grilling techniques for over 10 years including what they do at 4 & 5 star restaurants. Sam Smoker Pro Products are restaurant quality and functional so the backyard-grilling enthusiast can produce food as good or better that the 4 & 5 star restaurants and have fun doing it!

What Sam has developed are gourmet cooking and grilling techniques that are amazing. He will share with you his secrets and reveal the secrets of the 4 & 5 star restaurants to you. How did all this happen? True Story: This is true, be careful what you pray for, you just might get it!

Well in 1999 after eating at the Greg Norman Restaurant in Myrtle Beach S.C. Sam had a vision of a product! The Sam Smoker Pro! Since then Sam had invented a whole line of patentable BBQ Barbecue-BBQ accessories. You name it Sam's BBQ Barbecue-BBQ accessories can do it. So good in fact he can produce food with his accessories as well as the 4 & 5 star restaurants.

Sam has won 10 awards with his products. This product line is Sam's American Dream. As an engineer and friend of Sam's David Gonzales called the Sam Smoker Pro, brilliant in how it functions so simple but effective.

The invention the Sam Smoker Pro does convert your current grill into a BBQ Smoker and is not the only BBQ invention Sam has come up with. You see Sam cooks on the barbecue grill 3-4 times a weeks. He would cook every night on the grill if the wife and his computer would let him. Sam has invented over 20 different Barbecue Accessories. BBQ Accessories, from Scrappy (scrapie) the Scraper to his Modular Barbecue Gourmet Cookware Set. This set does over 14 functions at less that ½ the price of individual items.

Sam also is working on a new barbecue grill " The Jetson Grill Series" this grill has new functions that no other grill has. In addition a new futuristic styling in outdoor gas grills. Sam is an independent inventor part time and an engineer full time. One day soon he hopes his American Dream will be fulfilled. Sam's products are unbelievable in how well they work, that is what happens when God gives you a product, customer satisfaction is 99.9 %,.

Sam has been on T.V shows, Dimestore Fishermen, HGTV Cool Grill & Hot Patio's. Sam has been in Chilepepper Magazine, Simple Grilling Better Home & Garden, The Barbequer, Louisiana CookIng, Men's Cargo Magazine, Reviewed by The Magazine on the Web, Reviewed by the National BBQ News - twice. Sam is also in a couple of the Grilling Master's Cookbooks -Mastering the BBQ by Mike H. Stines - Ribs, Ribs, Ribs by Steve Raichlen - Plank Cooking: The Essence of Natural Wood by Scott Haugen Tiffany Haugen.

Please tell your friends and family about Sam's barbecue accessories products

All this is my (Sam's) American Dream!


Sincerely, Sam


Doug has an MBA in Finance and is a Chemical Engineer. He brings more than 35 years of global experience in corporate management. He is a strong and innovative leader with a history of motivating and directing teams to outperform goals and achieve maximum productivity. A leader with proven ability to optimize overall efficiency by focusing on safety, quality, delivery and cost metrics, Doug has held various management positions in many countries with increased responsibilities. He maintains a history of running ventures via innovative methods.
Doug holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration – Finance from Indiana University and is a graduate from New York University with a Bachelors Degree in Chemical Engineering.  
Doug has been with Ford and Visteon for about 17 years as a Senior Manager and has provided strategic planning and execution to enhance quality, safety performance and cost control, improve profitability, productivity and efficiency.  He has implemented processes and systems to generate higher revenues and increase productivity.  He has held leadership roles in unionized facilities, UAW & USWA, as well as non-union facilities. 
Certified Recruiter
Participant in Ford and Visteon employee mentor program.
Diversity Trainer
Certified TS 16949 auditor
Six Sigma Champion 
Mr.Reynolds has assembled a skilled and strategic team with over 70 years of experience to execute client projects, including managers with CPA, CA and CWA certifications. The team’s expertise in Financial Analysis and Internal Control as well as IT management consulting in the U.S. and abroad allows for a wide scope of service.  
National Outdoor Barbecue Accessory Award Winner.  100% Guaranteed!  Works On Any Barbecue Grill