Oak Barbecue Wood Chips

Oak Barbecue Wood Chips

There's nothing better than the taste perfectly smoked meat. To achieve perfection, it's important to use the right materials. Everything from the wood chips to the smoker grill must be of high quality and exacting standards in order to produce the best results.

While smoked food is certainly nothing new, it has gained enormous popularity in recent years, and suddenly the market is flooded with products all claiming to be the central tool for perfectly smoked meat. At Sam's Smoker, however, we know the simple truth - you don't need a lot of fancy, expensive gadgets or a specialized grill to enjoy the wonderful savory flavor of smoked meat. All you need is the grill you already have and the award winning Sam's Smoker. If you want to add extra flair and flavor, you can choose gourmet wood chips as well. Oak barbecue wood chips are one of the most popular kinds in grilling and smoking because they give food a deep, oaken flavor that is simply wonderful.

Smoking is achieved by exposing food to the smoke produced by smoldering wood chips such as oak barbecue wood chips. In order to allow the smoke to permeate through the meat without overcooking it, the meat is cooked for several hours over slightly lower than normal temperatures. The heat from the grill is high enough top kill any microbes, yet not so high that the food cooks completely before the smoke has imparted its flavor. Oak barbecue wood chips can produce a long-smoldering burn, giving wonderfully delicate, in-depth flavor.

Sams Barbecue's wood chips are created specifically for giving smoked meat that great flavor and, like other Sams products, has won awards for its excellence. The blended gourmet chips give meat a terrific hint of orange flavor and won the American Japanese Rib Off contest - no small accomplishment. Oak barbecue wood chips are a popular choice for their long burn and delicious flavors, and are excellent in combination with other woods as well.

Don't buy into the hype that other companies would have you believe - you don't need to spend a fortune on overpriced gadgets that supposedly make your food taste better. After all, in places like Jamaica, smoked food existed long before there were overcomplicated products. All you need is excellent smoking materials, such as oak barbecue wood chips, and a high-quality, durable smoker from Sams Smoker that can stand up to hours of heat. You can use the grill you already have, so you can get started smoking now instead of waiting until you can afford "special" equipment that doesn't do anything other than burn a hole in your pocket!


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