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Facts - Sam Smoker Pro


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Bag-PEAR-BBQ Wood Chips

Bag-PEAR-BBQ Wood Chips


Facts - Sam Smoker Pro

Facts About Sam's Smoker Pro™

Fact Sam Farrow is the Inventor of a number of Gourmet Grilling Products


Facts this product; The Sam Smoker Pro -"It's All About More Flavor"

Fact this product can convert your gas grill into a wo0d-fired grill, a charcoal grill, smoker and a pizza oven.

Fact this product can be used on a charcoal grill.

Fact real wood puts outs more flavor.

Fact fruit wood like plum and apple mixed with hickory or oak has much more flavor than charcoal.

Fact this smoker burns wood so slow it makes charcoal.

Fact this design controls the oxygen level & burn rate by using your burn control on your grill.

Fact it will out perform any smoker on the market.

Fact it is the only smoker that holds a US Patent.

Fact you can set it right on the burner.

Fact it is also patented as a heat deflector device.

Fact Texas is the #1 state whom people live in that has purchased one of these Sam Smoker Pro.

Fact it is a patented rapid smoking method.

Fact this product has won a number of national awards.

Fact this product is guaranteed for life

Fact this product has been tested and reviewed By National BBQ News twice.

Fact there is no other product that produce more smoker that this product.

Fact this product is refillable come with a tool.

Fact this product will burn for over one hour with 3 cups of wood chips.

Fact who has 4 hours to smoke a turkey.

Fact you can add that smoky flavor to you food in grill or normal oven time.

Fact this product has been on the market since 2003

Fact this product will put out more smoke that any product on the market

Fact there is more flavor in smoke when there is no flame

Fact cooking your food over wood with a flame can make your food bitter.

Fact cooking your food directly over this product will not make your food bitter

Fact the wood inside this smoker never burns into a flame


Engineer & Inventor Sam - here

Read about the history of Bar-be-que and the testimonials on this product at www.samssmoker.com

You will be amazed!

It's all about the Flavor!

It's all about the ease of grilling and smoking!

The Real Deal - Wood Grilling and Smoking System for any Grill.


Sam Farrow is the Inventor of a number of Gourmet Grilling Cooking Products

Sam loves to cook on the grill. Sam had become very frustrated about outside grilling, the quality of the accessories and the lack of flavor on a gas grill etc. etc. etc.

You see Sam loved charcoals grills, the flavor of cooking with real wood. But he hated the inconvenience of the charcoal grill, the taste of the fuel that happens sometimes and the time it takes to burn down the charcoal or real wood chunks to charcoal.

How about the mess in you grill! Sam does like the convenience of the gas grill like all of us, but did not want to give up that flavor, only the mess! There had to be a better mouse tray out there, but there was not. Therefore Sam had no choice but to start inventing products that really do the job.

He researched gourmet cooking techniques and wood grilling techniques for over 10 years including what they do at 4 & 5 star restaurants. Sam Smoker Pro Products are restaurant quality and functional so the backyard-grilling enthusiast can produce food as good or better that the 4 & 5 star restaurants and have fun doing it!

What Sam has development are gourmet cooking and grilling techniques what are amazing. He will share with you his secrets and the reveal the secrets of the 4 & 5 star restaurants to you. How did all this happen? True Story: This is true, be careful what you pray for, you just might get it!

Well in 1999 after eating at the Greg Norman Restaurant in Myrtle Beach S.C. Sam had a vision of a product! The Sam Smoker Pro! Since then Sam has invented a whole line of patentable BBQ Barbecue-BBQ accessories. You name it Sam's BBQ Barbecue-BBQ accessories can do it. So good in fact he can produce food with his accessories as well as the 4 & 5 star restaurants.

Sam has won 7 awards with his products, over the last four years. This product line is Sam's American Dream. As an engineer and friend of Sam's David Gonzales called the Sam Smoker Pro, brilliant in how it functions so simple but effective.

The invention the Sam Smoker Pro is not the only invention Sam has come up with. You see Sam cooks on the grill 3-4 times a weeks. He would cook every night on the grill if the wife and his computer would let him. Sam has invented over 20 different BBQ Barbecue-BBQ Accessories. From Scrappy (scrapie) The Scraper to his Modular Gourmet Cookware Set. This set does over 12 functions at less that ½ the price of individual items.

Sam also is working on a new grill " The Jetson Grill Series" this grill has new functions that no other grill has. In addition a new futuristic styling in outdoor gas grills. Sam is an independent inventor part time and an engineer full time. One day soon he hopes his American Dream will be fullfilled. Sam's products are so really unbelievable how well they work, that is what happens when God gives you a product, customer satisfaction is 99.9 %, that is unheard of.

Sam has been on T.V shows, Dimestore Fishermen, HGTV Cool Grill & Hot Patio's. Sam has been in Chilepepper Magazine, Simple Grilling Better Home & Garden, The Barbequer, Louisiana CookIng, Men's Cargo Magazine, Reviewed by The Magazine on the Web, Reviewed by the National BBQ News - twice. Sam is also in a couple of the Grilling Master's Cookbooks -Mastering the BBQ by Mike H. Stines - Ribs, Ribs, Ribs by Steve Raichlen - Plank Cooking: The Essence of Natural Wood by Scott Haugen Tiffany Haugen.

Sam has had problems with marketing companies in film and print not being honest and taking his money and not perform to contract. Sam has also had problems with some large corporations stealing ideas and also pirating his product.. Please tell your friends and family about the products.

All this is my (Sam's) American Dream!


Sincerely, Sam


National Outdoor Barbecue Accessory Award Winner.  100% Guaranteed!  Works On Any Barbecue Grill