Pear Barbecue Wood Chips

Pear Barbecue Wood Chips

A lot of people are skeptical about the concept of mixing fruit flavors with meat, but the truth is, some fruits such as apples, pears and oranges are an excellent complement top meat dishes. In smoking, the delicate, slightly sweet flavors of fruit are a perfect match for the savory depth of beef, chicken and other meats. The method of smoking these meats with materials like pear barbecue wood chips gives meat a delicious flavor without overpowering meat's natural appeal.

What are pear barbecue wood chips? Simply put, they're chips created from the wood of the pear tree. What many people don't realize is that the wood of fruit trees often carries the scent and even the flavor of the fruit that they bear. By using this wood in smoking, the aromas and flavors of the fruit are imparted to the food in subtle yet noticeable ways.

The sweet, mild flavor of pears is a perfect match for poultry such as chicken and duck. Chicken breasts grill smoked with pear barbecue wood chips will pick up the delicate pear flavors. It also tastes great with duck and other game meats such as quail and pheasant.

What's the secret to getting the best smoked meat? Many companies will try to tell you that it's a fancy gadget costing hundreds of dollars, or some special grill that is supposedly designed only for smoking. The truth is, you don't need all that stuff to get perfectly smoked meat - in fact, you can use the grill you already have and a Sams Smoker smoking tray. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a complicated device when all you need is a $50.00 Sam's Smoker? The smoker will turn your pear barbecue wood chips into charcoal and give your meat the wonderful taste and aroma of pear wood.

Whether you call it barbecue, bar-b-q, bbq, or anything else, smoked meat is a time-honored tradition that is still going strong today. In Jamaica, smoked meat was enjoyed in the form of jerk meat. Thin strips of seasoned meat were smoked with charred pinion, then laid over hot rocks to dry. This method of smoking the meat acted as a preservative, allowing the meat to be kept for long periods without spoiling, even in the tropical heat. It also gave the meat an excellent flavor that soon became world famous. Even today, jerk meat such as chicken, and other forms of smoked meat are fast favorites.

If you want the best smoked or grilled poultry, consider using pear barbecue wood chips. You'll be amazed at how well these flavors go together. You'll be even more amazed at how simple and affordable it is, once you buy the Sam's Smoker device.


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