Alder Barbecue Wood Chips

Alder Barbecue Wood Chips

Although there are a few different versions as to how the word and activity of barbecue came about, the commonly accepted version is that the word barbecue is derived from the word barabicu found in the language of the TaAno people of the Caribbean. The word translates into a sacred fire pit and describes a grill for cooking meat consisting of a wooden platform resting on sticks. There are two techniques of barbequing which include grilling over direct heat (over 500 oF) for a short time (minutes) and smoking using indirect heat at lower temperatures (around 240 oF) for longer cooking times (hours). Smoking can be done using wood, charcoal or gas that is commonly used to heat up a box of wet wood chips such as alder barbecue wood chips or mesquite barbecue wood chips which produces smoke. The heat from the propane fire cooks the meat while the smoke adds the unique and delicious flavor of wood.

Usually an apparatus called a smoker with a separate fire box is used where hot smoke is drawn up past the meat by convection for slow cooking and is commonly used in US restaurants. During smoking, the smoker door is closed allowing a thick dense cloud of smoke to envelope the meat and flavor it. The smoker is built in such as way as to allow the smoke to move freely around the meat and out of the top of the apparatus quickly to prevent the meat from getting a bitter flavor. Sam's Smoker Pro™ is a patented design of grill smoker that uses wood chips such as alder barbecue wood chips, mesquite barbecue wood chips, hickory barbecue wood chips and many more as opposed to charcoal. This allows the grill smoker device to produce a rapid smoking method and flavor process depending on the type of barbecue wood chips used.

The grill smoker device, Sam's Smoker Pro™, covers 120 square inches of the grilling heat source and is transferred into the grill when the grill reaches cooking temperature. The smoker is suitable for use in any existing gas, electric or charcoal grill and can be used with a variety of wet wood chips such as apple, pecan, walnut, mesquite, grape, pear, plum, peach, persimmon, oak, mulberry, maple, hickory, cherry and alder barbecue wood chips. The grate in the grill is replaced using Sam's Grate and Smoker tool and immediately your existing grill is converted into a wood-fired grill or smoker. This gourmet wood grilling smoker cooking device can function for up to 2 hours and can be used to slow cook food at about 250 oF. It is engineered to control the burn rate of wood chips and consists of a burn cycle which smokes like a smoker and then burns like charcoal, continuing to flavor the food for an extended period. 

Sam's Smoker Pro™ comes with a cook book and instructions, a tool for installation and removal, wood chips of your choice such as alder barbecue wood chips or plum barbecue wood chips and is refillable. Alder barbecue wood chips are light and delicate with a hint of sweetness. They are the preferred wood chip and are even better when mixed with apple barbecue wood chips. Alder barbecue wood chips are suitable for smoking fatty fish like salmon as well as poultry. A list of all the available types of barbecue wood chips for Sam's Smoker Pro™ can be found at as well as the types of meat that they can be used with. Sam's Smoker Pro™ can turn wild game, pork roasts, beef steaks and roasts, chicken, turkey and vegetables into gourmet dishes just like those served in 4 and 5 star restaurants!

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