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Sam Smoker Pro - About


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Sam Smoker Pro - About

Sam's Smoker Pro™   Buy the Sam Smoker Pro Now
Sams Smoker Fits all BBQ Barbecue-BBQ Grills  

• A Real Grill Smoker That Will Convert Your Gas Grill To Wood Grill More Flavor that Charcoal
• Grill Smoker Device that Converts Grills into BBQ Smokers.
• The King of Smoking Devices National Award Winner You can Wood Grill or Smoke your food. This product makes Charcoal out of the Wood Chips. AMAZED YOU Will BE
• The extended surface of this grill smoker devices produces a rapid smoking method and flavor process.
• There is nothing on the market like it. Use 1.5 inch Wood Chunks or Wood Chips. This Device in your Gas grill will out Perform a Smoker. 1 -2 -3 light your grill and in minutes you have smoke really, the real deal. If this device does not do want we say it does return it. Full refund ! Check out what our customer say ! The smoker covers approximately 120 sq-inches of the grilling heat source. The grill smoker device will reduce flare-ups.This Wood Chip Smoker Will out perform any smoker out there- Hands Down - Check out the Testimonals

Remove the Grill Grate

1.Remove Grate with Sam's Smoker Pro patented grill smoker and grate removal tool (Sam's Smoker Pro patented
smoker and grate removal tool can also separate the top smoking plate).

Lift the Smoker Lid

2. Insert Sam's Wood Chips of your choice into the Sam's Smoker Pro

Adding Chips to the Sam's Smoker Pro

3.Use grate removal tool to transfer the smoker to the grill. Insert Sam's Smoker into the grill after the grill has reached cooking temperature .

Place the Sams Smoker Pro

4.Replace your grate with Sam's Smoker Pro grate removal tool.

Replace Grate on Grill

5.Sam's Smoker fits below your BBQ Barbecue-BBQ grate.

Our steak, chicken, roasts with be smoked with Sam's Wood Chips

RIGHT! YOU need a BBQ Smoker, gas grill, charcoal smoker, smoker grill, grill smoker RIGHT! - NO - YOUR CURRENT GAS GRILL AND THE PATENTED AWARD WINNING - SAMS SMOKER PRO WILL DO IT ALL! 100% guaranteed - THE REAL DEAL SAMs SECRET REVEALED!
What is a grill smoker any way? What do they want you to believe. Who are they! How much do they want you to spend on a smoker grill and smoker. They want you to buy all three - smoker grill, smoker and grill smoker. Well it is about time to tell the customers the grilling truth.
These companies whom sell smokers and grills want to keep you in the dark. Why, so you believe you have to buy a grill and a smoker no a smoker grill and no how about a grill smoker. Man I am an engineer and a BBQ Barbecue-BBQ expert and I am confused. These companies want you to own and buy 2.2 grills and/or smokers.
Of 110 million households 89 million grill out. Those families that grill out own between 1.4 and 2.2 grills and or smokers. What do these companies want you the consumer to believe. Did you know that 17 million grills were sold last year. Was that just grills or smokers or both maybe grill smokers maybe smoker grills. What is this all about. People call me and they are really confused. Like many markets the companies who have the market shares want to keep them. Even expand there market shares. How, by educating you on what they want you to believe. Like- you need a grill and a smoker, sorry a smoker grill. I mean a grill smoker.
Over 30 million household are avid grillers ( meaning they grill out 2 or more days a week). Now days 50% of the people who grill out do it all year around. Ok I am a BBQ Nut that grills out, grills out. I would do it more if my wife and my computer would let me. In fact I have invented products that can grill, smoke and cook anything that you can do on your stove top or in your oven, except baking. I will show you some of the companies that sell grills, smokers or smoker grills.
My invention in 2003 won BBQ Accessory of the Year at the HPBA show. I have a patent that will convert your grill; gas, charcoal, or electric grill into a smoker. What that means is my grill smoker device will convert your current grill into a smoker or a wood fired grill. Guess how many companies have jumped on the grill smoker as well as the smoker grill band wagon. Guess who coined the term smoker grill on HGTV not them - I did! My $50 product in your current grill will our perform any grill smoker, yes even a smoker grill, or smoker or wood fired grill on the market. You see that they really want you to buy and buy many BBQ Barbecue-BBQ accessories every year. They have told me so at the trade shows. The smoker boxes that these companies sell do not work. They missed the engineering. However some claim the same things I do but do the have a patent or have they won a award - NO! No, they just use my ideas and words to help ensure that they keep the market shares. My device, (invention) the Sams Smoker Pro will convert your current grill to a smoker or wood fired grill. A grill smoker, really does both. It will out smoke any smoker out there and it is guaranteed for life. I just defined a real grill smoker. Not a charcoal grill not a smoker that is also a grill, not a charcoal smoker, not a trailer smoker but a grill smoker device for your current back yard grill that will make your current gas grill into a grill smoker - wood fired grill and a smoker grill. Please read the testimonial from my customers. They are all real.
I am in three grilling - cook books- Plank Cooking: The Essence of Natural Wood (Spiral-bound) by Scott Haugen (Author), Tiffany Haugen (Author) Page 7 Ribs, Ribs,Ribs - Outrageous Ribs (Paperback) by Steven Raichlen (Author) page 36 Mastering BBQ Barbecue-BBQ: Tons of Recipes Great Tips Neat Techniques and Indispensable Know-How (Paperback) by Michael H. Stines (Author) Chef and BBQ judge.
My products have been in National BBQ News twice, Simply Grilling (Better Home and Gardens), BBQ Barbecue-BBQrs, BBQ Barbecue-BBQ Magazine on the web.,etc. etc. I have won 7 awards with my products.
My customers love the Sam Smoker Pro. You see they do not want you to be educated on the real deal. They really want you to buy a gas grill and then a charcoal grill and then a smoker etc. A smoker cost approx. 200-1100 dollars, you can get a real cheap charcoal smoker for $60, however if it last one year you are luckily. Listed below are names and prices of a few of these smokers, grill smokers or what ever, smoker grills. My product in your current grill will out perform - smoke and wood grill any product on the list below or on the market today. There is much much more to the story.
Here they are: Are they better than my Sams Simple Smoker Pro In your Gas Grill - No- no- read the TESTIMONALS ABOUT MY PRODUCT: I know people who have taken this one back to the store and order my product. Less expensive ones of course they do not last very long- Our product Sams Smoker Pro is 100% guaranteed for Life!

Char-Griller 1224 BBQ Smoker Pro 830 Sq. In Charcoal Grill with Side Fire Box - $189 Sams BBQ Smoker - $50
Weber 2820 BBQ SMOKER Mountain Cooker/Smoker - $249 Sams BBQ Smoker - $50
"Silver Smoker, BBQ and Grill" by Charbroil Grills - $229 Sams BBQ Smoker - $50
The Patio Fireplace/Grill/Smoker - $499 Sams BBQ Smoker - $50
MASTERBUILT Master BBQ Barbecue-BBQ 7 In 1 Smoker - $145.00 Sams BBQ Smoker - $50
Brinkman 855-2422 Charcoal/Wood Smoker & Grill - $1656.00 Sams BBQ Smoker - $50
LANDMANN 590105 Black Dog 42 Grill & Smoker with Offset Fire Box - $399.00 Sams BBQ Smoker - $50
Traeger Wood BBq Grill - Pellet - $ 1200.00 Sams BBQ Smoker - $50
Grill Pro BBQ Smoker Char 16 Model 31816 - $59.99 Sams BBQ Smoker - $50
CHAR-GRILLER Super Pro Grill/Smoker - $129.00 Sams BBQ Smoker - $50

"Strolling thru Sams' Club the other day and saw a new product, an upright Stainless Steel, Propane Fueled Smoker, retailing for $598. I believe it made in Taiwan by Grand Hall the same company that produces the Stainless Steel propane grills sold at Sams". I was impressed by the solidity of the unit. The door closed firmly against the unit and it that leak (smoke) proof. There are four shelves, wide and deep enough for three racks of ribs each. At first glance, the only downside was the small wood chip drawers. I bought this unit last year. For the most part it works really well, BUT the wood chip trays are very small and they need to be replenished about every 15 minutes … that's a lot of babysitting when you have a 4- to 5-hour smoke job! The wood trays are clearly placed too close to the fire. Even though I soak my chips thoroughly they are always catching on fire. Had I been aware of this problem, I never would have bought it! I have asked my husband if he can come up with some kind of device that would smoke the chips in a container outside the smoker but have it piped in. I keep checking on the internet if there is such a device, but no such luck yet. Needless to say I am very disappointed in this unit. I have better luck smoking on my gas grill! Good Luck! Comment by Stella Santerre - April 23, 2007 @ 6:56 pm

National Outdoor Barbecue Accessory Award Winner.  100% Guaranteed!  Works On Any Barbecue Grill